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Our Activities


Guitar, violin, drums, piano, keyboard – explore the variety of programmes for children and adults. We also provide a platform for kids to perform on stage as part of ESPA productions. Come play an instrument or sing out loud – it’s fun and it’s fulfilling.


Pursue your favourite hobby or brush up your dance skills. Get professional training from ESPA dance teachers. Salsa, Hip-hop, Bollywood, Freestyle - whatever your interest is, get grooving with the best at the Elements Academy of Performance.


Are you a fitness enthusiast or amateur? Reach your fitness goals with tailored exercises suited to your needs. Join for Yoga, Zumba, Fitness Classes or Martial Arts to get fit and healthy under professional trainers. Choose Fitness today.


Express your creativity through art. We have lined up a number of unique art and craft offerings for children and adults. Pick up craft skills from the masters; create with pride beautiful art for your home or workplace. The courses we offer are vocational in nature.

Our offers:

  • Terrarium workshops
  • Dream catcher workshops
  • Screen printing workshops
  • Sospeso workshops
  • Decoupage workshops
  • Macrame Workshops
  • Zentangle workshops

Theatre Arts

Get trained on seminal concepts, basic principles and practices of drama and theatre. It addresses the core and frontier areas of theatre art with opportunities to perform on stage during productions.

ESPA brings to you an array of exciting programmes including Zumba, Fitness, Music and Dance. Add more fun to your shopping trip - attend the classes conducted by Elements School of Performing Arts (ESPA) at the mall.

Get grooving to burn calories. Learn to play a new instrument. Pursue your passion for dance or art. Or make fitness your goal.

Choose your interest and a flexible time between 10:00 am and 9:00 pm during the week. There will be 8 classes every month under each programme which you can attend according to your convenience.

Under Fitness, we have exhilarating and enjoyable programmes for all age groups. Opt for group classes or individual training depending on your level of comfort. A variety of instruments and dance forms are available under music and dance classes. Or opt for Painting or Sketching under art classes. Options are many. Opportunities even more.

Talk to our Experts

Get fitness, dance, music and art insights from our experts before you choose a class.

Choose your session

Fitness, Zumba, Music and Dance – Join any class and have unlimited fun.

A new experience

State-of-the-art facilities provided at the Mall for all classes.

Our Services

Whether you want to have a good time or get energized with fun team classes, Elements Mall is the place for you. Music, Dance, Art, Fitness, Theatre – we have it all. Sign up today and learn something new every day.


Individual Training

Pick solo classes to get individual attention and develop your skills faster.


Group Training

If you like team activities, select our group classes that will help you stay motivated.